Generally, the Turkish Angora is well known for its long and silky coat which is a shimmer one as it moves. The overall length of the coat varies with its longest hair which is usually seen around the neck. The britches will be present on the upper hind legs including the plumbed tail too. The body is a firm one and muscular, legs are longer, hind legs being longer when compared to the front legs. Paws are smaller, dainty and the tufts are present between the toes.

Coming, to the point of the cat’s beauty is a medium sized one along with the larger ears, eyes are larger almond shaped which are slightly upward one. Generally, the eyes have variation in the colours such as the blue, green, gold, and the amber. It is a common breed along with the traces of its line going back in the several years. A well-balanced body along with a precise picture of the grace is the highlighted one. Usually, it carries out the animated conversion for a longer time. The Angora loves to dance and it is the most attractive one. Hope the above points gave a clear description and there is more data available which has to be known.