Turkish Angoras weigh anywhere between five to nine pounds and live for a span of 13 years or sometimes a year more. They look sophisticated and beautiful but beneath the elegant exterior body, they are one of the nasty tricksters along with a wicked sense of humour. Turkish Angora likes outgoing a lot and while doing so it will greet the guests who are at the door and play with the aplomb and these breeds are known to get along with other pets as well, by making sure they know that they are in charge and this even includes some dogs as well.

In the same way, Turkish Angoras are much happy to supervise on everything that you do in your home, most preferably from the high. They are very quiet good at opening cabinet doors and very clever as turn on and off the faucets. Overall, they are active, wilful and demanding cat but the cats’ beauty sums it up all when it comes to tame one. Turkish Angoras remain one of the most desired cats among cat owners.